P.S. this is a long one!

Our girl is     S I X      years old today! How is that even possible? It wasn’t much before that, when I got the news that I may never be a mother and thank goodness God had other plans for our lives. She is our whole world in which we never knew we really needed!

Six years ago we were just introducing her to our family! Little did some of you know she was Baby Girl Myers for the first twenty or so hours of her life. Clint and I couldn’t decide so we had our closest family and friends decide when they came to meet her! It was such a fun experience!  This morning I told Ellie her birth story for the first time! She is so amused by how babies get in your belly! We have always taught her that God puts the babies in there and she just went along with it!   If you have been following my previous posts, you know that Ellie was a miracle to begin with but her birth was a similar situation!  You see she came quickly—very quickly two weeks early. Everything happened so fast I can’t remember a lot of it! I had terrible bowel cramps all day—so I thought!  We went to dinner with dear friends of ours at her now FAVORITE YELLOW Mexican Place the night she was born. I went to bed and as soon as I laid down I heard a gush of water and thought what was that???  Clint’s comment was you just peed… I stood up and more gushed out and he said “that ain’t pee” or something like that!  From that moment of time (9:30 PM) went so slow but fast in the same sense. I was freaking out so I called my sister -in- law (thanks for always answering my medial questions) she calmed my fears. Then the doctor they told me to shower take my time don’t rush since I wasn’t feeling any contractions, well so much as I knew! We left our house around 10 and as soon we got a few miles down the road I felt a pinch in my back and thought that was weird not having a clue what contractions felt like—Mind you I didn’t take any classes because I thought I was going in the next week, ONE week early for my SCHEDULED C-Section, but Ellie girl had other plans for us!   We got to Lima and they were much stronger. We got across town to the hospital and I was having painful ones closer together then. Once we got to the room they started to grow stronger to the point I wasn’t able to talk—THANKS to back labor! Ellie was breech  so that wasn’t helping matters! We got prepared which felt like forever, the nurses were so grumpy so I thought but they were freaking out because I was ready to push but obviously couldn’t! The doctor on call was in another emergency C-Section so things were a bit hectic around there!  I finally got my epidural/spinal whatever happened (that part was a total blur) and then went into the operating room! The medicine gave me the worst headache all I can remember was Clint rubbing my head and a lot of pulling on my stomach. At 1:50 am our beautiful  6 lb. 13 oz. girl with a full head of hair was born! I remember touching her hair and then they knocked me out because I felt funny!

Looking back at the last couple of weeks as another birthday approached, I kept remembering how I felt and how upset I was every year that again celebrating her birthday didn’t include siblings but honestly this year is the first year that I am not sad and am not planning it on my own timeline—on GOD’s instead. I am not telling myself on this # of birthday she will finally be a BIG SISTER. Yes, it stills hurts and I want to grant that wish for her but now I have hope that whether a little sister or brother is ever in our cards we will be okay—I MEAN we have made it through one heck of a year(s). The struggle with secondary infertility has taught us more than one time that having ONE child is the best gift one can receive! Our girl has been the best blessing we could have ever imagined!  We thank God every day we get to be her parents!

Not much other news for now, but I will be sharing an update soon!

Much Love,


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