One of the Good Ones

Sorry—it’s been a hot minute since I shared an update.  Sadly, there really isn’t any new news to share with our journey. 

The past few months have been crazy over here! We started our house addition, started Kindergarten, started school during this pandemic continued, scheduled another surgery, and started our possible genetic carrier journey.  Oh man is that a hefty price tag) Do you see a pattern here? We have started many things and again the enemy is allowing my fear to get the best of me. You see– I feel like every time we start something it seems to be more of a challenge than I ever could anticipate. Clint on the other hand is much more enthusiastic and can be hopeful in the challenges! He always has a dream and makes it happen. He doesn’t let the obstacles define him. I can remember early on in our dating relationship he dreamed of having a trucking company. I honestly didn’t want this-My family had a successful trucking business and I didn’t want the competition—but he didn’t see it that way, he saw it as a way to grow personally.  I didn’t think it could be worth it and here we are with hired drivers.  Clint had this dream to renovate an old house because he could get it so cheap! (if you know Clint, he is the king of CHEAP) Our house was a foreclosure —oh but what a tough journey that was!  Clint was doing electrical on the morning of our wedding!! Yikes!  He worked so hard during that time going to school at night and working 40+ hours a week!

Once again, he got me through the challenges of that project and here we are again adding on to repeat that mess!   Around last year he really wanted to focus on excavating and again I let fear and doubt that we could ever make it work full time!  He wanted to carry on his Dad’s passion he saw growing up as a child. Now, as I sit here I can’t but help but think of how hard he works to make us better!  His dreams always find purpose and I am so so thankful for that! His excavating dream has allowed more family time and flexibly!  It’s even allowed Ellie and I to get to “play in the excavator” at times!

Clint and I started dating in 2008. We have amazing parents who taught us to be better people and we never can truly repay that to them!   One thing that I truly never understood when we were only 16 years old (we are only 3 days apart) was that Clint was only allowed to see me three days a week! I mean how fair was that!?  I had to chase the enemy away when I could do the fair vs unfair. He even spoke truth to my mind way back then! I believe that God helped shape us during that time to be apart so we could be better together!

I can remember praying at a younger age that my future boyfriend/husband would wait till marriage.  And God truly showed up there—one of the first times hanging out Clint said well I AIN’T doing that till I get married. My heart almost exploded right then and there! That was so unheard of you see I only had ONE very close friend who shared that wish with me. That was so hard but another lesson where God saw us through another struggle.  

Clinton Dean—You are truly one of the GOOD ONES!

We love you so much more!

Thank you for being a role model for Ellie’s expectations of a good man!

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