1,073 days

It’s been exactly 1,073 days of planning our second miracle.  I never would have imagined this would be part of our journey for our family. Back in 2012, exactly one month before our wedding I heard those devastating words of “You may never be able to carry a child” I had thought broke my dreams of ever being a mother. Fast forward to May 18, 2014 I had two unexpected pink lines staring at me! I couldn’t believe it! Thank goodness for my sister-in-law who reassured me everything would be okay until my first appointment.  The first blessing happened and I was in fact PREGNANT! I was considered high risk and had over SIX ultrasounds throughout my pregnancy. I had major anxiety I would do something wrong and cause more issues with my pregnancy. Through many scares and prayers my little miracle Ellie Marie was born at 38 weeks HEALTHY as could be! We were sure this was the end of our worries about having the FOUR children we desperately felt we deserved. BUT— God had other plans for us. The past three years have been incredibly painful while incredibly beautiful at the same time! God has shown us the way. This past year has been the most trying but my faith has grown by miles! Whether you are an exhausted mom or in this journey of waiting for your miracle —I see YOU. You need to know you are not alone in this pain!

I have been feeling God nudging at me to share my story with you all for a while now. I never was able to cast my fears aside. Most recently God has been speaking to me through the song The Father’s House by Cory Asbury. It always is able to calm my heart and comes on exactly when I need to hear it. The first part says

“Sometimes on this journey

I get lost in my mistakes

What looks to me like weakness

Is a canvas for Your strength

And my story isn’t over”

My story’s just begun”

Much love,


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